At the moment I'm so in love with leather, knit and fancy jewelry.
also I'm looking for new boots for winter (unfortunately those boots are not mine..)already found these from zara here and here
what do you think about them? 
have a nice day! 

zara faux leather pants 
zara shirt-old
Asos cardigan-old


It is so cold, I miss summer so much :( 
Got some new wool in beige and black for new headbands :) 
I always feel old when I knit but it's so relaxing haha 
I'm wearing: 
blouse - bershka
white blazer - H&M
faux leather pants - Zara 
coat - zara (last year)
shoes - converse 
bag - zara

By the way this is my beautiful dog honey :)
I think I will order these shoes here and here (would be crazy not to,right?)
what do you think about them? 

Knit love

I am in love with knit: scarves, headbands and pullovers. 
I want them all (you can never have enough, right?)!
I really like reading blogs, it gives me so much inspiration so here a list of my favorite blogs: 
LAs blog
this chicks got style
le blog de betty
come over to the dark side we have candy
forever more

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new stuff

The ring is a late birthday gift from my unbelievably talented friend. 
I saw a picture of a knitted head band an I fell in love with it immediately but in order to looking for the perfect piece I made it by my self (these headbands will probably be my christmas gift for some of my female friends)it is very easy if you know how to knit (f not you can learn it on youtube!). 
I am so happy that  still got this bag from zara... i thought about buying it way too long so i was scared it is sold out (it was) but I got it on ebay :)
Some delicious home-made pizza and a good morning tea :) 

p.s. today I found this online shop here I want to buy everything!!

vin rouge

I got the shirt from forever21 and I adore it. 
The colour, the cut-out everything is perfect !

New in: black leather jacket

I am in love with my new jacket, 
have a wonderful sunday!