If I were a boy #1

It's not that I don't like beeing a girl, seriously, I love it! But right now I would not mind beeing taller and having bigger feet so that I could wear all these amazing shoes withous looking very very stupid.

The thing is, I would love to wear all those shoes but wouldn't it look strange or so, because I am a very small girl? Of course some people now how to wear it like her:
Nike Lunar Safari Fuse, buy them here, they are mens shoes but I will order them in 38 1/2!
...and like her:
 here is a better picture of the second shoe (Nike Ari Max 1 x Liberty London - imperial purple)
 So, I guess one has to try if it looks stupidly large or not...I am still thinking about wheter to buy the first one or the sekond one (or maybe both??). Which one would you buy?

mens shoes photos via the daily street; others via stockholm streetstyle