ph by Benjamin 

A preview of tomorrows post - sorry that it took so long.
Stay tuned!


ph by noemi
H&M jacket and jeans, borrowed blouse, shoes Topshop, belt vintage

Sorry for the lack of posts lately I had to study a lot but for now I have a little free time!
The weather the past few days was just perfect but with the sheer blouse it was way too cold!
Well, I have to run I need  a white jean (never thought I would wear white jeans..)! Lots of love


ph by noemi
zara shirt, mango skirt, zara coat (old), zara shoes, vintage bracelets 

I normally don't wear high heels but I literally fell in love (got the joke?) with those from Zara. I also bought a dress which you will see soon.
I'm in a hurry have a nice day everyone!


ph by me
bag H&M

So as you may now, I am very busy right now and the weather isn't good at all for an outfit post (snow!) but I hope you will be pleased with this short post. I have been looking for a classic, black leather bag for a long time  now and I think I finally found it. Yes I know, it is not only black but thats exactly what I like most about it. Also the leather is super soft and the best thing, I bought it for only 20€ at H&M. I never thought I'll buy a bag there but hey, here it is, also I never thought I will wear skinny jeans 10 years ago and look at me haha. Hope you have a nice evening (day) everyone.


ph by noemi
Boots - Topshop, Blazer - H&M, Shirt - H&M, waxed jean - Zara, bag - vintage, watch - asos

The weather today was just perfect for an outdoor shoot!
As promised my new shoes from topshop which I adore! I can't take them off, they are so comfortable and the leather is really soft. I got the blazer a few months ago but I din't had the opportunity to wear it because it is a very soft and thin one, perfect for this weather! The bag is a chanel likely vintage bag from my grandmother, the quality is amazing but it is very small.
I hope spring is coming earlier this year!
Happy thursday everyone.


New name but still me. Actually I thought the correct translation of L'abyssale is endless but I found out that it's underground ha ha! So I thought about it and my style has nothing to do with "underground" so I changed the name. Those are some letters of my real name so I feel more comfortable with it :)
I hope you are still able to find my blog in the world wide web.
I wanted to make an outfit post but it was raining the whole day...
I wore a grey shirt, a dark green parka with my black leather pants (I can't not wear them!) and my new shoes from topshop which you will meet soon, hopefully.
Also this is my favorite song at the moment!
Enjoy and have a nice evening (day?) everyone!


CHANGE. yes.yes.yes. A new year screams for change. I will stop with those very very very annoying "mirror photos". No more - I promise. Also you will notice some change on the blog, hopefully in a little while and I hope I will be able to post more often and more about music, by the way I have a new playlist (can't stop listening to it) I will show you, step by step.
What did you do at New Years Eve? I know I'm such a bad blogger - don't know if I can even call me like that - no post about what I wore, but seriously my outfit wasn't that exciting.
A little late but still I wish you a happy new year, may all your wishes come true.

pants - zara, coat - zara (old), jumper - H&M, bag - joseph london, shoes - topshop