Jacket, blouse and jeans: Zara; shoes: Nike lunar safari fuse; bag: Alexander Wang

I am back! With my very first designer bag from Alexander Wang! also do you remember this post? Well, I bought both shoes and to be honest I think I have a small obsession with sneakers by now.... I mean I only have those two pairs but boy I want them all! A view weeks ago I ordered myself a pair of Acne jeans. I wanted to invest in a good pair so of course it had to be from Acne but sadly they didn't fit me at all....I ordered a 23, because I am a small an skinny girl but seriously, are those for kinds?? They did not fit me at all, I tried to close the zipper but I couldn't make it witch was horrible because I completely fell in love with this simple peace of denim....so I went to a store and tried on an 25 (this was the smallest they had) and I also could not close the zipper but it wasn't skinny enough at my thighs. Long story short, my body is not made for designer jeans so I have to stick to Zara denim... see you soon! xx

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If you could only know, how much I love Lena Dunham and her stylings in her series girls, you would understand how freaking nervous I was while watching this video!