zara jeans, h&m shirt and jacket, vintage bag, romwe ring, Asos silver rings, Topshop boots

The weather in vienna is just perfect right now! A bit too cold today but the sun is shining all day long. As always I have to study a lot but at least I know that in june a whole new live will start for me! I am in love with the military print right now...this is a very old bag of mine and I'm so glad that I didn't threw it away. The silver rings are from Asos I received them a few days ago and I love them!
have a wonderful day everyone!


ph by noemi

Quick detail from todays outfit! I will show you the rest soon.


ph Noemi
borrowed scarf, zara coat, mango jeans, new yorker top, topshop boots

As it it still very cold in vienna, a very good friend borrowed me this amazing faux fur scarf. It's just perfect for me because it doesn't let the cold in my new coat from zara which I hopefully show you guys some time later. I'm just very thankful that the snow is gone so that I can wear all of my shoes without being scared of ruining them.


ph by Noemi

One of my favorite necklaces! Love the stone (similar here) I hope you have a great week, see you soon.
P.S.: I guess you have noticed that the layout changed a bit...I have to say I'm a perfectionist and I have a pretty clear idea of how my blog should look like...it's getting better every day!


Zara coat (old), H&M jeans blouse, Mango jeans, topshop shoes

I guess I was very naive when I thought I would have time for having fun these holidays...my to do-list is as long as...okay can't think right now, it is too long! I have to read 15 books in 5 days. I hope you understand the lack of posts and...wish me luck!
have a nice day everyone
P.S.: It's snowing in vienna I guess I'm kind of lucky that I can't go outside right now..
P.P.S.: At least a little bit about the outfit - I really like to wear two different pieces of jeans, what do you think about it?

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ph by Benjamin
Mango jeans (old), H&M sweater and blouse, Zara heels, Armani glasses 

So here is the other part of my photo shoot with Benjamin! It was a lot of fun and super fast. I hope to work with him more often because he is amazingly talented and I really like all those photos. 
Again I wore my Zara heels but to be honest, just for the shoot - it is way too cold right now (-12°C). I got the sweater a while ago in sale from H&M and I really like it...it is super thick and the cutting is awesome. 
Have a nice day everyone!
Ps.: If you like the photos why not like Benjamin's facebook page?!