Merry Christmas dear readers! I hope you enjoy the holidays. 
how do you celebrate this special eve? Mine was a bit different than usual because we had an electrical power outage and hadn't had any current the whole night. It wasn't that bad actually we had a very romantic christmas eve with lots of candles :) 

skirt - mango
shirt - H&M
vest - vintage
loafers - topsop


New basic grey shirt from H&M, got one in black too !
Those are my favorite winter shoes: black overknees :) I got them last year in Italy and they still are my true love! I hope you're having a lovely weekend.

P.S.: have you already bought your christmas gifts? I have zero... didn't even had the time to knit the headbands..

Shirt, pants, blazer: H&M
shoes: Vitagliano


I got some new pants yesterday - leather-biker pants! They have large pockets at the side of the upper leg. I'm so in love with them! Also I bought some basic shirts from H&M in black and grey.
I'm looking for a mint green jumper I already found this at asos but I would like to have a larger one and not that tight. do you know where I can find one? 
I really like this blouse, it is VERY transparent and I guess I will never wear it without a jumper but I still love it!
Somehow I'm obsessed with mint right now...got a nail polish too but I want more!! 

biker pants: zara
blouse: H&M
knit: H&M 
shoes: converse (very dirty, I know!) 


Yes there are two outfts! I had to show this one to you too :) 
I think it screames out loud "LET'S GO PLAY BASEBALL" !!Don't you think so too?

So no worries guys I'm not sick or color blind I know that this isn't black at all! Crazy, right? I normally just don't feel comfortable wearing colors and bright stuff but I was in this strange mood...I miss summer! I know it's christmas soon but after that and new years eve there is nothing but fog, rain and yes more fog. Don't you miss summer too? 

Oh and important: I love watching and following blogs and a few days ago I found the probably coolest one The man Repeller!
Already know It? I adore her sense of humor she is dancing very crazy at some videos, so much fun to watch and read! 
plus: great style love the layering! 

Blazer: H&M
Blouse: Bershka
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Converse
Chain gold: H&M
other chain & jewelery: mostly vintage 
burgundy shirt: F21

currently listening to:
crazy, very tall french kid you should totally check it out!

P.S.: Dear Santa please check out my fashiolista page I want everything I loved. I'm super super brave I swear! :)
lots of love


It's december!!:)
almost Christmas...what's on your wish list this year? and even more important what presents do you make? I never know but this year I'll probably knit scarves and headbands :) DIY presents are always the best, right? 
Those are the best cupcakes I ever made they are made of white chocolate!! 
I think the most fun part is to decorate them...
Have you ever heard of the waterfall-braid? I tried it today...looks great it is hard at the first time (as always..) but I really like it it's something different!

thank you so much for your lovely comments I loved reading them!!