Which one do you prefer? My favorite is the striped fabric.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


love this ring from make a wish. It's my sisters, she got it for her birthday, have a wonderful week everyone.


Love this outfit. The chic pencil skirt with the short printed top and the coat...perfect look!


ph. Noemi
everything from Zara

I bought this dress a while ago and it never seemed to be the right time to wear it, well, until today. It is like we never really had spring, we had a looong winter and now summer!  I love it, I never realized how much I missed the sun and going out with bare legs. I hope this beautiful summer weather stays. Oh and thank you so much for your support, you really are the best readers! My exam is tomorrow so I'll study the whole day but at least I have a one-day-break before I have to start studying again. Have a lovely day!


Asos loafers
So sorry for the lack of posts, I have a huge exam tomorrow and on monday so I have to study 24/7...
I just don't have time for outfit photos, but I'll, I promise.